Payment Policy

Sessions begin at the scheduled time and (most) last approximately 45-60 minutes.  Payment is due at the beginning of each session.

Late Policy 

Sessions begin at the scheduled time and last approximately 45-60 minutes.  Clients arriving 15 minutes past their scheduled appointment time will be rescheduled.  If a client arrives late, their appointment end-time will not extend to make up the time they were late and they will still owe the entire fee for the session.

Email Policy

An alternative way to contact me is through email.  While email is a quick and efficient way to communicate regarding administrative issues (such as scheduling), it is not completely secure.  There are many risks associated with email (including, but not limited to, hacking, family member gaining access, or typing in the wrong email address).  Therefore, the confidentiality of your protected health information cannot be assured through email.

Cancellation Policy

There are times in life when things come up and cancellations need to be made.  Please call to cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time may be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Limits of Confidentiality

Generally, what you tell me in sessions will remain confidential.  There are a few exceptions to this:  1) If I have reason to believe that you are an imminent threat to harm yourself or another person, I must notify law enforcement to have them protect your intended victim.  2) If I suspect that you are abusing a child, a dependent adult, or an elder adult or if you give me information that someone else is doing this, I am required to file a report with the appropriate state agency.  3)  If you sign a written release for me to release information to a specific third party, I am authorized to disclose the information specified.  4)  If I am court-ordered to release records, I am obligated to comply with this order.  Adolescents/children also have unique confidentiality concerns.  More information on confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality will be explained during the initial session. 

Adolescent/Child/Minor Policy

Prior to counseling services to a minor who is named in a custody agreement or court order, I am required to obtain a current copy of the court order, custody agreement, and any existing divorce decree.  I will maintain a copy of these documents in the minor client’s file.

No call/No-show Policy

Clients who do not call to cancel an appointment and fail to show up for the appointment will be charged a $50.00 fee.  This fee will be due at the beginning of the next session.

Eating Disorder Clients

Due to the medical complications often associated with eating disorders, I require that you work with a physician (and encourage you to work with a dietitian) of your choosing.  If you have not seen these professionals before our first appointment, we can discuss options and we can make referrals if needed.

Termination Policy

As the client, you will generally be the one who decides when therapy will end.  However, the following are exceptions to this:  1)  If I believe that I am not able to assist you because of the concerns you bring to therapy or because my skills and education are not appropriate for your concerns.  2)  If it becomes apparent throughout our work together that my treatment is not benefitting you, I have an obligation to refer you to another professional.  3)  If you threaten, harass, or do violence to (physically or verbally) myself or my family, I reserve the right to immediately terminate you from therapy.  In any of these cases, I will offer you referrals to other professionals for care, but I cannot guarantee that they will accept you for therapy.

**These policies, as well as other policies, will be discussed with you at your appointment time.**

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